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Advisory Board - Barbara Stinnett

Barbara Stinnett brings a proven track record of business leadership excellence, working with private startups through public Fortune 50 companies in a variety of senior leadership roles. She has taken companies from private to public, public to private, and driven significant returns to investors. Her expertise is in bringing consistent, profitable growth to the companies. She has held senior leadership positions at Hewlett-Packard, Sybase, Cisco, Sum Total, i2 Technologies, and Silicon Graphics.

Ms. Stinnett is a strategic thinker with proven execution skills and abilities including leading consulting organizations globally, focused on change management, BPO, HOSHIN planning, and M&A. Her development and execution of strategic plans have led to growth in bookings and recurring revenues, yielding significant profits.

Ms. Stinnett has extensive practical expertise in global marketing, sales, services, and support, and has managed organizational design, direct and channel sales build outs, across geographic, multi-industry, and cross-business segment teams in the consumer, commercial, and government sectors.

She is both customer centric and operationally focused, having Six Sigma, Six Sigma Lean, and supply chain management experience.

Ms. Stinnett holds degrees in Computer Science and International Business (languages and negotiations focus) from the University of Wisconsin and is fluent in English, French, Japanese, and Chinese. She currently serves on multiple boards, is an active member of the National Association of Corporate Directors, and mentors CEOs and boards on critical issues facing public and private board members and CEOs.

Ms. Stinnett is Rapid Scale’s senior strategic leader and is available to consult directly with clients.

President - Bentley Radcliff

Bentley Radcliff has 30 years of experience in the information technology and financial industries with such notable firms as Sun Microsystems, Apple Computer, Unisys Corporation, Cisco, and the Weiss Group. Mr. Radcliff is considered an expert in the development of Enterprise Modernization strategies to include the Cloud, virtualization, availability and management.

Mr Radcliff has consulted with many top-tier companies, including Apple, Compaq, Dell Computer, Digital Equipment, EDS, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Intel, Motorola, Sun Microsystems, Scottrade, Siemens, Xerox and Unisys.

His technical specialties include servers, systems, storage software and virtualization. He also consults worldwide on cultural issues and negotiation strategies and tactics.

Mr. Radcliff’s passion for helping organizations dramatically increase the effectiveness of their technology infrastructure led to the creation of state-of-the-art simulation technologies and continuous learning solutions where students gain and maintain a sustainable competitive advantage. Beginning in 2005,Mr. Radcliff decided to leverage the methodologies used in the Simulations and redirect them to interpersonal skills training for the military. Rooted in the same concepts, Rapid Scale’s SimMastery was born, providing yet another horizontal application for simulation learning – addressing cultural and situational awareness, leadership development, adaptive thinking, negotiations, conflict resolution and other matters related to the efforts of our Armed Forces.

In the years he spent in Silicon Valley with Sun and Apple Computer, Mr. Radcliff performed a variety of sales and marketing functions. While he was an OEM Sales Manager with Apple Computer, the company achieved its highest success in software sales since the introduction of the Macintosh, due in large part to Mr. Radcliff’s efforts. At Sun Microsystems, he developed software strategies with Sun’s senior management, including the CEO and COO, and helped create the Solaris operating system brand and selling strategy. From 1997-2001, Mr. Radcliff also served as Marketing Chairperson for the UNIX International standards. He now devotes his time to consulting on these matters with Rapid Scale clients.

Mr. Radcliff graduated from the University of Miami with a business degree in Marketing & Franchise.

COO - Craig Willison

Craig Willison has over 30 years of business development, product marketing, and strategic marketing experience. He has held senior management positions with Dataquest (a Gartner Group company), Xerox Corporation, Harris Corporation, Burroughs Corporation, CompeteNet, and Silicon Valley start-up companies.

While VP North America Sales for Dataquest, Mr. Willison spearheaded the development of corporate and defense technology programs, which resulted in significant growth of strategic, multi-year relationships with the Department of Commerce, Defense Intelligence Agency, Central Intelligence Agency, and DOD organizations. During this same period, he was instrumental in the expansion of relationships within the venture capital community in Silicon Valley and with Wall Street securities firms in New York.

As Manager, Corporate Sales Operations and Western Region Manager for Xerox (Diablo Systems), Mr. Willison introduced the Diablo 630 and subsequently managed the sales efforts to make the 630 the company's most successful product offering. As Manager, Printer Strategic Marketing, he successfully managed the worldwide launch of various printer products.

Mr. Willison served as the California Financial District Sales Manager for Burroughs Corporation and Branch Manager for Harris Corporation in Los Angeles and San Francisco. In these capacities, he demonstrated his diverse skills to exceed quotas in highly technical aerospace markets and with major financial institutions. He also served as VP of Sales for the Destek Group and Qubex Associates.

Mr. Willison holds a B.S. in Computer Science from California State University, Sacramento. He plans and directs all aspects of Rapid Scale's operations and is available to share his expertise with Rapid Scale clients.

CTO - Frank Legourd

Frank Legourd has more than 20 years of knowledge and experience in Internet-based technologies and is a specialist in the area of advanced Web application design. In the early '90s at IBM and MCI, he was well positioned to get an early glimpse of the emergence and rapid expansion of the World Wide Web from both a software and infrastructure perspective. An early experimenter and adopter of dynamically driven Web applications, as well as the earliest implementations of Java and Flash used to add advanced functionality to user interfaces; he remains passionate to this day about the untapped potential of the Web. He is focused on providing a superior experience to enterprise Web users through the use of Rich Internet Application technologies, cross-platform application clients and servers, service-oriented architecture, and open standards. 

During his tenure at IBM and MCI, Mr. Legourd gained valuable experience in customer service and communication--leading. motivating, and training elite technical teams to support such strategic and high-profile product initiatives as IBM e-business® Internet solutions and networkMCI® Business. This expertise enables him to work effectively with our Fortune 500 customers, collaborating closely with their IT divisions to implement 
complex intranet integrations and deployments. 

Mr. Legourd majored in Information Systems Management at the University of South Carolina, Columbia. His current responsibilities include overseeing daily Engineering and IT operations, software design and architecture, and leading advanced product research & development focusing on simulation, virtualization, and other emerging web technologies. He frequently consults with Rapid Scale clients interested in generating the greatest return possible on their IT investments.

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