Professional Services

We realize that it is sometimes easier to see the value of a strategy from the outside than from within.  Employees sometimes become so concerned with “turning-the-crank” each day that they cannot see the value of a new business practice beyond how it might complicate their routine tasks. This is why we have set up our Rapid Scale Assessment to aid you in determining the areas that need improvement and help you develop an execution strategy.

The Rapid Scale Assessment starts with an industry-specific professional services engagement with our practice specialists. The Assessment is focused on the three key components of successful execution: Vision, Culture, and Strategy.

Once we complete the Assessment, we can make recommendations for strategies, budgets, and people to get you on track FAST. Our promise is to rapidly scale change strategies to get you on the fast track to success.


Solutions such as SimMastery and ACE take a good deal planning and process to implement.  We can help you initiate the process, organize the data and assets and do the initial content population.  At Rapid Scale, we have found that when we engage with the initial implementation, we have an 80% improvement in success with the platform.

Here are some of the areas where we can be of assistance:

SimMastery - Partner Solution

SimMastery is a video-intensive, content-rich solution. It requires an understanding of your solution, the components that make up a successful sale, and the process needed to interact with the customer. While we have had customers successfully build on the platform, we will assist the customer in developing the outline, writing copy, producing the video content, integrating into the customer’s internal systems, and, ultimately, delivering the solution. We can even host the solution if necessary. The solution can be fully integrated with many LMS's and the Rapid Scale technical team can help get it integrated and deployed rapidly!

Virtual Specialist - Partner Solution

The Virtual Specialist is a strategic and video-intensive solution for customers. Rapid Scale can help you hone your vision and messaging to deliver a first-class virtual specialist over the web and to your clients. Our professional service team will conduct interviews, strategize, and provide you with a complete outline, script, and production schedule. We will produce it in a professional studio so that it represents your company at its best.


The ACE platform is easy to maintain. The real work is up-front - building the content, building the video and interactions, and working with the subject matter experts on the product, solution, market, and target user. Rapid Scale professional services will help you get started on an individual area or all of the above. We can populate the entire system, train your teams on maintenance, and turn over a fully functioning and ready-to-sell solution.

Some of our clients have chosen to have us maintain the solution. This can be handled on a month-to-month agreement.