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ACE  "Just-in-Time" CRM Sales Solution

An ACE is the best card in the deck, the most successful fighter pilot, the top starting pitcher, or, in the world of sales, one of your best sales people. At Rapid Scale, the ACE Platform is focused on targeted execution effectiveness in your sales force and partner organizations to turn everyone who represents you into an ACE. It is designed on the premise that each sales situation is different and each seller needs unique coaching and information to be an ACE in front of their customer. The solution adapts to the product, market, and customer demographics in a way that makes access to critical information highly efficient and timely for your sales team to use – typically during the 20 minutes before a sales call, when most sales preparation (unfortunately) begins. The ACE solution will give your sales teams the specific information and practice that they need to succeed. But, if that is not enough, ACE also can interact directly with the customer.

The ACE solution gives your sales teams:

  • Just-in-time information and education
  • Custom summarized slip sheets and battle cards
  • Information customized to be market, product, solution, industry, and customer-role specific
  • Virtual Specialist "Right Time" - can answer questions directly with the customer - During the meeting!

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SimMastery - Partner and Direct Sales Experiential Learning Solution

SimMastery is a revolutionary content-rich, interactive, branching, video-based experiential learning solution. By utilizing customized, interactive environments, SimMastery enables direct and partner sales organizations to engage simulated customers in realistic situations. The SimMastery experiential learning environment allows sales teams to rapidly develop best practice sales methodologies, master complex cross-organizational solution selling challenges, and build new skills - all without the risk of losing business. It helps sellers gain understanding of your solution, the best practices that make up a successful sale and the interactive process and means to successfully interface with the customer. 

The SimMastery solution is designed for distance learning, but can also be offered in a blended learning environment. It can be fully integrated with most LMS’s and has built-in analytics and SCORM compliance. 

The Rapid Scale expert team can help train you in the platform, or, utilizing our professional services and technical teams, we can develop the entire solution and get it integrated and deployed QUICKLY!

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VIRTUAL SPECIALIST - Direct Sales and Partner Platform

The Virtual Specialist is a state-of-the-art, interactive, rich media solution that virtualizes your sales teams and solution specialists to help customers discover the true value proposition of your products or services in a way that is engaging and personal.

The Virtual Specialist allows you to

  • Bring products to market faster, more effectively.
  • Clearly communicate the right value propositions to the right customer.
  • Expand your product portfolio without typical sales force delays.
  • Close the deal and take the order right then and there.

The virtual specialist is available 24/7 for your customer convenience and has no time constraints. It even indirectly educates your sales force on how to sell your product better. Best of all, it doesn’t expect a sales commission.

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