The ACE Solution

The ACE Platform is a "Just-in-Time" CRM solution focused on targeted execution effectiveness in your sales force and partner organization to turn everyone who represents you into an ACE. It is designed with the premise that each sales situation is different and each individual needs unique coaching and information to be an ACE in front of the customer. The solution adapts to the product, market, and customer in a way that makes it easy and fast for the sales team to use. It is designed to be searched 20 minutes before a sales call, when most sales preparation (unfortunately) begins. The ACE solution will give your sales teams the specific, focused information and practice they need to succeed. But, if that is not enough, ACE also can interact directly with the customer interactively by adjusting to the context of the moment and the style of the individual who uses it.

ACE tunes your field force to:

  • Accurately communicate the company’s vision
  • Immediately build and gain trust with a client as someone who is “in the know”
  • Differentiate your products and solutions from all the noise and clutter from the competition
  • Educate the customer – So they become your inside heroes
  • Neutralize competition if necessary
  • Improve the overall customer experience
  • And most important, shorten the sales cycle resulting in a lower cost-per- sale

ACE is designed to be in the field with the sales person. It is to be used at a moment’s notice, in real time, when a sales call is about to happen. Traditional CRM tools such as sales automation, internal portals, e-learning, and web lectures assume that the sales person takes the time to prepare. Well, we all know that most sales people go looking for content just before a call. What they find is everything they need, but, unfortunately, it is a mountain of information and takes time to read, synthesize, and assimilate into an effective sales call. Unfortunately, this process is just not effective. That is why ACE is designed to be there for them Just-in-Time.

The ACE solution is made up of six components and builds on a library of sales plays.

  1. “Just in Time” Tablet Dashboard  

    -   Built-to-Order for the selling situation

    -   Your teams can quickly scan the information and choose the appropriate segment they need to win the sale.

    -   Including region, brand, solution, industry, competition and even client level/position

  2. Solution Overview 

    -     Context specific – solution education

    -     They learn right from your experts, on the spot built to their specific need and industry.

    -     Delivered through Rich Media, interactive conversation with the experts. 

    -     Full interactive questioning and response right on the tablet

  3. Build to Order Battle Tables/Cheat Sheets 

    -     Customized & Summarized

    -     On Demand, to take with you on the call  

  4. “Just-in-Time” Simulated Sales Call and/or Best Practice 

          -     Practice the call before you make it  

  5. Related & Relevant web content

    -     Pulling together all the relevant intranet information to your fingertips


  6. Virtual Specialist “Right Time”  

          -     Specialist support during the call to directly answer customer questions during the meeting

    What is a Virtual Specialist? Most executives realize that not every field representative or partner can be an expert or ACE for all your solutions. But that, is exactly what you need. How do you get your sales and partner teams to effectively execute on your strategy every time? To do this, Rapid Scale uses a unique “Virtual Specialist” delivered at the touch of an icon on an iPad, Android Tablet or smart phone.

    The Virtual Specialist can talk with your customer through a carefully crafted “frequently asked questions”, reach out into the context sensitive solutions database and provide the information to the customer right then and there. Your sales teams have what they need when they need it. building trust and credibility with the customer…Quicker, Faster and Better!

This is why we call it ACE. It’s not just training tool, or a database of information, or a web portal, or even a collection of videos; it is a Specialist on Demand, and that Specialist is always available and up to date. It can go deeper into your strategy and represent your company consistently, any time and every time. Ace is with your team at every step of the sales call.

Back End Integration to CRM solutions

ACE platform is designed to report back to your CRM solution, letting you know about what information the customer was asking and the response of your sales team. This gives you the unique ability to capture the most relevant information so that you can enhance communications and leverage the areas of greatest return.