SimSell is a specialized "Playbook" tool. It is designed to be available on-demand and provide fast, actionable, just-in-time education. The SimSell interface can be accessed from any web browser or any tablet just prior to the sales call. 

Customers build libraries of SimSell Playbooks to complement their standard sales collateral. A SimSell can be ready on-the–spot, giving the sales person the information and confidence needed to make a successful sales call. SimSell can be standalone or integrated into the ACE Platform. 

For example, a partner sales person has to make a call on a customer. She is in the discovery mode, but based on the industry of the customer and what she has discovered on their web site, she suspects that this customer needs a specific solution. But she doesn’t have enough information on what her company and partnerships offer. So, she opens a SimSell on the subject, is briefed on the solution, and then practices on a simulated customer. She is left with a list of leading questions for her sales call. In less than 15 minutes, she is on her way to becoming an ACE. 

As a best practices training tool, organizations are able to more effectively and quickly bring knowledge and consistency across their partners and sales people in communicating their value/message.