Our Systems and Process

Rapid Scale is a sales and operations management consulting and CRM Software firm that creates unique and replicable value for its customers. Through a highly refined process, our experienced senior professional teams have been able to streamline the execution of vision and strategy throughout our clients’ organizations, giving them significant competitive advantage and increased revenues.

Our specialties include:

  • Rethinking and aligning of corporate vision
  • Investment and strategic decisions involving new markets
  • Field force readiness
  • Partner readiness
  • Competitive threat asssessment

Our approach begins with the Rapid Scale assessment, which is focused on the three key components of successful execution: Vision, Culture, and Strategy. The entire process is designed to help you and your company articulate and quantify your vision. For example:articulate and quantify your vision.  For example

Some simple but important questions we might ask include:

  • Does your vision align with a market need?
  • Is it innovative or is it following a market trend?
  • Are you creating or evolving a vision?
  • Does the vision align with your organization and culture?
  • Will your sales and partner teams be able and willing to execute?
  • How does it benchmark vesus your competitors?

While these questions may seem obvious, these critical items are often overlooked. We call this the head-nod effect. 

The Science of Rapid Scale is to prioritize the leading value to market, align it and customize it to your internal culture, and then systematically create a marketing/sales plan that executes flawlessly and FAST!!

What does this mean?

  1. Market:
    Depending on the market and the economic climate, does your current vision fill a need? Is the market saturated, new, or in its infancy? Are you visionaries or are you looking to steal market share? This is a critical stage in coming up with a practical application for a new vision or product. Together, we investigate the competition and the driving trends, define the "Go-to-Market" tactics that are critical to execute, and build a winning solution. 
  2. Culture & Resources: 
    Does your vision align with your team and resources? While this might be assumed, it is often people that delay execution. Sometimes they are either not on-board or don't understand the vision. Rapid Scale consultants will work with your teams to make sure that the people are right for the job and can turn the vision into an actionable strategy with executable tasks. We deploy change-management processes to make sure that everyone is on-board, that we have the right communications vehicles, and that the customer message is clear. Everyone has to be marching double-time in the same direction. 
  3. Execute (sales) Plan: 
    This is often the space where companies fail to execute. They come up with great visions and great products, but the sales force or partners fail to execute and bring in the deal. As an example: The number one thing investors want to see is how well a company has executed a sales strategy and how strong their field execution plan is. Why? Because effective execution is the key to success! When the Rapid Scale teams talk with senior executives, we hear the same story over and over - "Our sales teams are not prepared for the new product or service; they sell the same old way -- selling products, not solutions; and they sell at too low a level within the customer’s organization." This intensifies as the products get more complex and broad. Often, we hear sales teams saying "There are just too many things that I need to do each day to learn something new. I can't find the specific information I need when I need it. It takes too long of a sales cycle to sell it." So, they go about their business in the same old, comfortable manner, all the while frustrating executives with their results. To solve this age-old problem, Rapid Scale builds a solution to help companies navigate through this morass. 

    First, we focus on how the strategy aligns to the company culture and selling behavior. Next, we assess compensation and recognition models to drive behavior. Third, we focus on building a highly effective and scalable education and behavior solution, advancing both the sales teams knowledge and the soft skills they need to succeed in front of a customer.

    It doesn't end there. While your vision may not change, your strategy is in constant motion. Enabling your teams to be current and motivated becomes as important as gaining their initial buy-in. To do this, we deploy a “just in time” CRM solution, called ACE.  

    ACE is an on-the-spot, built-to-order, just-in-time solution utilizing a combination of experiential learning, contextual research tools, and social interaction. The ACE solution drives vision adoption throughout the organization; including your field force, partner organizations, and even your customers. Our focus is on the people that reach the client to ensure consistency in how they interact, represent your company, and articulate your strategy, ultimately reducing the time to closure and increasing the win frequency. 

    To learn more about ACE see detail on the solutions page.
Rapid Scale is committed to your rapid success. From our consulting services to our products, it’s all about making your company grow. We look forward to working with you and becoming a partner